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The Internet of Sound
has arrived.
ChirpTM is the world’s most trusted data-over-audio technology,
used by the leading brands in more than 90 countries.

Chirp and Activision take interactivity in games to a new level and in the process change an industry.

What is Chirp

A ChirpTM is a sonic barcode. With ChirpTM technology, data and content can be encoded into a unique audio stream. Any device with a speaker can transmit a chirp, and most devices with a microphone can decode them.

You don’t need an internet connection or the other person’s contact details and you don’t have to pair devices. The system is designed for the many cases where it would be inconvenient or impossible to use existing network technologies.

Send data with sound

ChirpTM enables devices of all kinds to send and receive data using sound - both audible and inaudible. From mobile devices to POS systems, digital signs to toys, even TV, web pages and radio broadcasts can send data to phones and other devices using Chirp technology.

Unlike other audio technologies, such as music recognition and watermarking which take your customer out of your experience and into theirs, Chirp technology is designed to be built into your brand’s apps and products. With Chirp, you have total control over your customers' experience.

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Trusted worldwide

The leading brands from more than 90 countries in sectors such as Transport, Interactive Gaming, Financial Services, Automotive, Sport & Entertainment, Media & Broadcasting, Robotics, Education, Industrial IoT, Retail & Hospitality and Telecommunications use Chirp technology in their products and services.

See how India’s leading taxibus service, Shuttl, is using Chirp technology to transform the ticketing and boarding experience for their passengers.

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From old radios to the latest mobile devices.

Sound interconnects generations of technology, old and new, enabling engagements and experiences that just aren’t possible using other methods such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, QR codes or NFC. Indeed, Chirp technology is often used in conjunction with these technologies to improve the user experience and provide a more friction-free interaction, pairing process or set up.

Connecting with sound using Chirp technology is frictionless and easy - no device pairing, no passwords, no need to know an email address, phone number or social handle. You don’t even need an Internet connection in many situations.

Integrate ChirpTM into your apps in 5 minutes with our cross-platform SDKs


Chirp technology lets you create sonic links for any type of content or data. How about media like pictures, MP3s, text messages, or web pages? Or business objects like payment IDs, tickets, coupons, vouchers or redeemable tokens? Digital receipts? Business cards? Video clips? In-app commands? Chirp technology is already actively in use in over 90 countries worldwide, making sharing and connecting as easy as one-button done.


It’s a snap to drop Chirp technology into your app or product. You can be up and running in five minutes or less. Our technology comes packaged as a suite of interoperable standard SDKs, and we also produce custom products optimised for our partner's specific requirements.


The world's first data-over-audio toolkit, Chirp is light-years ahead of the competition. Launched in 2011 by a team of leading experts in acoustics and communication at University College London, our products have an unparalleled scientific heritage. Today, we're proud to maintain this spirit of continuous research and innovation, with a growing portfolio of groundbreaking products.

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Requires no pairing, email address, phone number, or social handle. Chirp technology also works with absolutely no internet connection.

Broadcast capable

Send data to multiple devices from a single source, or send one-to-one. Chirp technology makes sharing and connecting easy.


Connect a very wide range of devices, both new and old across form factors: from the latest smartphones to your granddad’s hi-fi.


Chirp technology can be configured to suit your requirements. Want a micro-Chirp for an Internet of Things remote control? Need to send kilobits of offline data for an interactive second-screen app? Want transmission that's robust to the challenging acoustics of a football stadium? We can deliver.

Effortless integration.

It takes just minutes to integrate Chirp cross-platform SDKs, opening up a world of unbounded possibilities.


Powerful error correction and patent-pending decoder technology means that Chirp technology's performance is bulletproof even in the most challenging and noisy acoustic environments. Ours is the most reliable data-over-audio technology in the market today.


We're unparalleled in our expertise, with a team of leading experts in acoustics, audio signal processing, communications and network engineering


We're trusted by leading partners worldwide including Amdocs and Shuttl. The Next Web call it brilliant... like voodoo". Computer World say "The potential applications for Chirp are seemingly endless.”.


Our dedicated technical support team is always on-hand to give you personal and knowledgeable assistance. We guarantee support responses within one working day.

Let's explore how Chirp technology can enhance your brand.

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