The Internet of Sound
has arrived.
Your users benefit
when connecting is frictionless.

Send data with sound.

Chirp uses sound to transfer information. Any device with a speaker or microphone can now send and receive data.

And, for small pieces of data, no network connection is required.

Application areas include one-to-many sharing, location-based offers, retail POS and Two-Factor Authentication (2FA).

Get your apps chirping in 5 minutes with our cross-platform SDKs


Chirp lets you create sonic links of any kind. Anything you can think of is chirpable. How about media, like pictures, MP3s, text messages, or web pages? Or business objects like payment IDs, tickets, coupons, vouchers or redeemable tokens? Digital receipts? Business cards? Video clips? In-app commands? Chirp technology is in use in over 100 countries worldwide, making sharing as easy as one-button done.

People love to share

Mobile users expect to be able to share & interact between their devices. If your app doesn't let them send or receive now it can mean: lower uptake of your service, higher churn, lower sales, lower referral rates and poor retention.

Chirp lets you take advantage of real-world, person-to-person sharing, and it only takes a second for your users to share anything from passwords to pictures… and more.

See our demo apps:

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From old radios to the latest mobile devices.

Chirp’s award-winning, battle-tested technology can connect everything from mobile devices to POS systems, ATMs and toys. Even TV, web pages and radio broadcasts can send data to phones using Chirp technology.

Get chirping in 5 minutes

It’s a snap to drop Chirp into your app. You can be up and running in two minutes - or less. We aim to provide you the best possible developer experience with our latest SDK tools, easy integration and first-class technical support.

Questions? We'd love to talk to you.

Works without a network

In some use cases, data can even be transmitted even in airplane mode, completely offline.


Easy to integrate, efficient to run. Our technology won't burden your engineers or their hardware.

Superb support

From product strategy, to code-level technical support - we are here to help.

Rock-solid API

Commercial-grade REST API allows you to quickly & easily create large-scale campaigns and perform batch operations.


No Chirp SDK for your platform? Get in touch to see how we can help you get Chirping whatever technology you are building on.

Scalable, Tested Technology

Having already worked with leading global businesses, our systems are ready for even the largest userbases and strictest performance criteria.

Minimal hardware requirements

Anything with a loudspeaker or microphone can chirp.


Use our secure networking infrastructure out of the box, or use your own for total control.

Proactive people

We go above & beyond to help our fantastic partners and clients succeed.

Let's explore how Chirp technology can enhance your brand.

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