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Chirp is connecting millions of devices for leading brands in over 90 countries.

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Think of Chirp like an audio QR code - we transfer data over sound, using only a speaker and microphone, and without requiring any network connection.

We offer both audible and inaudible ultrasonic protocols across a suite of reliable enterprise-ready SDKs.

Chirp v3 : A giant step forward in the field of data over sound with increased data rates, variable length broadcasts and best in class reliability.
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Any device

Virtually any machine or device with a speaker or microphone can use Chirp, from smartphones to robots to legacy industrial equipment.

Any content

Anything can be converted to a Chirp, from photos to tickets or business objects such as payment IDs and even robot commands. Chirps can be either audible or inaudible ultrasound.

Send it

Allowing peer-to-peer content sharing, or broadcasting status information and commands to a group of devices, Chirp is secure and robust to the most noisy environments.

Explore the possibilities
Chirp’s unique technology offers almost unlimited problem-solving possibilities across all sectors, including IIoT, telecommunications, financial services, IoT, entertainment and television broadcasting, interactive gaming, toys, robotics, transportation and many others.
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Any device
Our technology suite of interoperable SDKs work on many different technology platforms such as iOS, Mac OS, Android, Windows UWP, JS, Web Browsers, Python, Arduino, Raspberry Pi and Linux.
Standard or customisable
We are able to develop custom SDKs for our partner’s specific requirements where needed.
A state-of-the-art ultrasonic version of our tech is available for users concerned about noise pollution and where an audible chirp would not be the most appropriate solution and vice versa.
Powerful error correction and patent-pending decoder technology makes Chirp technology bulletproof in even the most challenging acoustic environments.
Hear what they say
Karan Aggarwal
SVP of Innovation at Shuttl
There’s no doubt in our minds that Chirp has enabled us to improve our service. The automation of our ticket checking has improved our offering to our customers, and it’s made each of our pickups smoother. We’re incredibly thankful that we discovered Chirp when we did.
Manuel Fernandez
Director of Innovation for Isban, the software company of the Santander Group
We have tested many sound technologies over the last few years, and this technology from Chirp is by far the one that stands out from any other as the best.
Toby Ruckert
Founder and CEO at Unified Inbox
There isn’t another sound-based technology anywhere near Chirp’s capabilities and ubiquity. They are the technology everyone speaks about and recommends, and the only technology proven in the real-world and used by millions of people.
Tim Bush
Global Product Innovation Director at Creata, owner of Hijinx™
We needed a creative data-over-audio solution and the Chirp team delivered everything that we wanted and more. Working with our company on three continents, Chirp delivered an excellent, fully-QA’d product in record time. We are delighted to have the Chirp team as an extension of our own team.
What will you create with Chirp?
Our technology comes packaged as a suite of interoperable SDKs, and we can also develop custom products optimised for our partners' specific requirements. Let’s explore how Chirp technology can enhance your products and services.

Our partners and platforms

Developer friendly
It’s a snap to drop Chirp technology into your app or product. You can be up and running in five minutes or less.
ChirpConnect *connect = [[ChirpConnect alloc] initWithAppKey:CHIRP_APP_KEY

[connect setLicenceString:CHIRP_LICENCE];

[connect send: YOUR DATA HERE];
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